Power K60 Gold Honey & Rice Water

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Replenish your hair with Power K 60 Honey & Rice Water, hydrating and moisturizing hair conditioner all-in-one. Our color-safe rich formulas will give your hair the extra nourishment and smooth slip it needs to look and feel its softest, healthiest and strongest yet. Moisturizing the outer layer of the hair and hydrating the inside cortex of the hair, while enhancing the texture and leaving each strand of hair polish with an amazing feeling.

To moisturize the hair with Power K 60 Honey & Rice Water after shampooing, apply and comb throughout hair and allow to set for 1 to 5 minutes to smooth and soften the outer layer of the hair. Rinse hair thoroughly after the time expires. Style as usual.

To hydrate the inside of hair strand, after shampooing apply a generous amount of Power K 60 Honey & Rice Water and comb and massage throughout hair. Apply a plastic cap and allow the customer to set under a warm hairdryer for 10 to 20 minutes to allow the product to loosen up and penetrate into the hair strands. After the time expires, rinse hair thoroughly. Style as usual.

Instant Moisturizer

Hydrate Hair

Enhance Texture

Extra Slip for Smoother Cuticles

Polish Each Hair Strand

Soften and Add Shine

If your client's hair is stressed from dryness, hard or coarse hair, tension/braids, dull and brittle, under a wig for hours, swimming a lot, working out and sweating, dreadlocs, constant use of heat tools, or natural.