Hair conditioners

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After Calcium

After Calcium is designed to be used after all calcium and no base relaxers. It is a unique blend of..

Ex Tax: $29.00

Bond Reconnect

Bond Reconnect Vitamin Pack is enriched with a high volume of proteins to penetrate deep into the co..

Ex Tax: $25.00

Color Defense

Color Defense specialty hair conditioner is designed to mastermind and control all the difficult com..

Ex Tax: $40.00

Color Primer 747

Color Primer 747. This amino acid based formula has the ability to provide needed protection and pro..

Ex Tax: $19.00

Drop Down

Drop Down Color Sealer will help bring high alkaline, damaging hair products/services (color & b..

Ex Tax: $19.00


Fixative is a deep penetrating conditioner with African Shea Butter and Panthenol.  Fixative co..

Ex Tax: $29.00

Grand Stand

Silky, silky now! Just you wait until you feel the awesome texture and see the additional shine on t..

Ex Tax: $10.00

Hair Balance - 3 in One

Detangles, helps replenish moisture, strength and provides thermal protection while improving the ma..

Ex Tax: $15.00

Happy Scalp

Happy Scalp is a scalp and hair treatment, with a rich blend of moisture and scalp antiseptic vitami..

Ex Tax: $13.00


Ice is a base crème for sensitive scalps and has a nice cool fragrance. Ice was designed to p..

Ex Tax: $12.00

Next Level

Amino acids are required for your hair to grow long and strong. It is made of a special kind of prot..

Ex Tax: $23.00

Power K 100 Deep

Stronger, silkier and softer hair never came so fast before NOW, in 15 minutes. The very 1st time yo..

Ex Tax: $39.00

Power K 14

Power K 14 restores hair's natural, lustrous sheen without a greasy look or feel. K 14 replenish..

Ex Tax: $10.00

Power K 60

This unbelievable instant conditioner is designed to get clients in and out of the salon quickly wit..

Ex Tax: $11.00

Power K Intense

Power K Intense Foaming Reconstructor Treatment is for extremely damaged hair with lots of breakage ..

Ex Tax: $32.00

Silky Dry Fast Treatment

The Silky Dry Fast in an enriched, nourishing leave-in treatment that not only packs endless beautif..

Ex Tax: $13.00

Silky Milk Plus

Foaming wrap lotion with conditioner gives you lots of control when wrapping or roller setting. ..

Ex Tax: $12.00

Smooth Transformation

One Step Smoothing Treatment is a safe hair smoothing system that helps smooth and lay down the oute..

Ex Tax: $52.00

Strength 1000

Strength 1000 is a powerful and effective reconstructing treatment that offers a new concept in trea..

Ex Tax: $31.00

Weave Pro: Lay Smooth - Conditioning Wrap Lotion

When used before Shield Guard, Lay Smooth will provide each strand of hair with iron and moisture pr..

Ex Tax: $19.50