Hair shampoo

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Black Carbon 500

Black Carbon 500 contains activated charcoal which is very effective when it comes to removing trapp..

Ex Tax: $15.00


This shampoo is the first step towards rebuilding a beautiful head of hair. Clarification's anti..

Ex Tax: $17.00

Clean Start

Clean Start clarifying shampoo is good for the removal of styling product resins on the hair. This u..

Ex Tax: $26.00

Hydration Shampoo

Hydration Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo helps prevent dryness, breakage and flyaways, while gently ..

Ex Tax: $11.00

Moist Plus

Moist Plus shampoo is a conditioning shampoo that detangles and cleans while smoothing the cuticles...

Ex Tax: $19.00

Neutra Twice

Neutra Twice neutralizing conditioning shampoo is designed to be used immediately after relaxer but,..

Ex Tax: $18.00