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Reconstructor & Hydrating Treatment
Product Description:
A very powerful, aggressive and effective new treatment concept in treating very damaged hair that protects the hair follicles from the present through the future, stopping and minimizing any and all breakage. Dull, dry and brittle hair's
elasticity is restored, making all hair types stronger. It re-hydrates chemically processed hair,
leaving and making it feel and look amazing. That's right! Protein, hydration and shine all in one bottle of reconstructing ProPlex.

3 WAYS TO USE ProPlex:

  • Spray directly onto hair.

After shampooing, apply or spray a generous
amount of ProPlex on hair and comb through
thoroughly. Sit client under warm dryer
without a cap for 15-20 minutes to dry,
then rinse hair thoroughly. No other
conditioner is needed. Style as usual.

  • Drop directly into color bowl.

Add 1 mL to 2 oz. of color.

  •  Drop directly into hair relaxer bowl. 

Add 1 mL to 8-10oz. of relaxer and stir. Must use
within two hours.