Rescue 18


Rescue 18 Leave-in Amino Acid Hair
Strengthening Treatment
A hair-repairing fluid to be applied to hair that need to be built up prior to styling. Rescue 18 provides a strong anti-frizz action and protects the hair from heat and damage caused by environmental stress. Use as a leave-in treatment on damp hair after rinsing out shampoo, apply High 5 Treatment Mask. This deep leave-in conditioner treatment for dry, damaged hair with a new revolutionary hair repairing system that contains 18 amino acids and powerful ingredients such as lemon acids and green coffee which repairs, prevents, protects and strengthens your hair from damage from the use of
chemical and mechanical services. Rescue 18 leave-in hair treatment reaches into the hair fiber to help repair it from within. This feature conditioner treatment is no doubt years ahead of its time.
Rescue 18 Leave-in Hair Conditioner Treatment Benefits:
1. Helps Smooth Cuticle
2. Lightweight Moisturizer
3. Detangles
4. Strengthens Against Breakage
5. Softens
6. Heat Protection
7. UV Protection
8. Protects Color
9. Helps Repair Damage
10. Improves Shine
11. Anti-frizz Benefits
12. Nourishes and Stimulates Hair Follicles